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Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy helps children overcome developmental speech & language delays in order to promote daily communication, learning and social interaction.

Communication is one of life’s most important tasks, and for children it facilitates their ability to learn, explore their environment, interact with others, and communicate their wants/needs.  Delays in the  proper development of speech and language skills can contribute to behavioral, social and educational difficulties.  At D. O. T. S. for Kids our Pediatric Speech-language pathologists support children from infancy through adolescence and collaborate with their families and other medical, educational, developmental, and rehabilitation specialists to develop an individualized treatment plan.

At D. O. T. S. for Kids, our new modern clinic has kid friendly individual treatment rooms specifically designed to encourage active participation in the speech therapy session.  Our Speech-Language pathologists have extensive training in pediatrics and years of experience working in a variety of treatment settings.       

Speech-language pathologists provide evaluation and treatment for:

  • Articulation / phonological delay (sound errors)
  • Auditory processing
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Autism or related disorders
  • Cognitive / language deficits
  • Dysarthria / Apraxia of speech (slurring or sound substitution)
  • Expressive and/or receptive language delays (using and/or understanding language)
  • Fluency / stuttering
  • Pragmatics / social skills
  • Reading and written language
  • Tongue thrust
  • Voice or resonance

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Dallas Outpatient Therapy Services for Kids provides Pediatric Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy services.

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