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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy encompasses all the activities that occupy people

Many people are surprised to hear that children receive occupational therapy services because the term “occupation” is usually associated with a job or job training.  However, “occupation” in occupational therapy has a much broader context.  It encompasses all the activities that occupy people’s time and give meaning to their daily lives.  Occupational Therapy specializes in assisting people with overcoming disabilities, impairments, or handicaps so they can function and perform activities that they deem important.  For children, some of these activities can be as simple as being able to use utensils, catch a ball, complete self-care tasks such as buttoning a shirt, or participating in age appropriate activities.

Pediatric Occupational Therapists:

  • Assess and treat sensory processing disorders.
  • Improve upper extremity muscle strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination, fine motor abilities and function.
  • Address and treat visual motor integration disorders.
  • Address self-care skills.
  • Work on social and peer interaction skills.
  • Provide education to caregivers.
  • Consult with other professionals regarding the role of occupational therapy and how it can improve the child’s daily life.
  • Collaborate with caregivers and child to create effective carry-over from the occupational therapy clinic to home.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy uses play, which is a child’s natural occupation, to improve foundation skills and independence so that children can participate in daily life activities at home, school, and in the community.  Fun and functional activities are incorporated into the therapy sessions to motivate the child to participate in activities that can promote more appropriate adaptive responses and improve the child’s abilities.

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